Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Geology Museum

On January, me and my social friends went to Geology Museum. The ticket is only Rp 2.000,00. Cheap,right? 

When we entered the museum,we saw a giant mamooth. It was soooo big!! 

This is the details:
Bandung Geology Museum is a building consisting of two floors. The museum is divided into several rooms that showcased the collection of information and geologic history. The division of the room including the following.

1. The room on the first floor of which, (a) Space Orientation containing geographical map of Indonesia is in the form of the big screen, (b) West Wing Room contains information about the formation of the earth, information jensi-rock type, the composition of regional tectonics, and geological conditions a few islands in Indonesia, and (c) east wing room contains the remains of living things as well as some of the picture.

2. Room on the 2nd floor in between, (a) The Central unbiased imitation gold tambas Grasberg in Papua, (b) the East Room contains seven different small runag that each provides information on the positive side and the negative branch of the science of geology to the public, and (c) Western room is a work room  of the museum staff.

We're so happy that day:)

Education for A Better Future

Education is the most important thing in this life because with education we can do anything we want. Where do you get your education? 

School. School is a place where you meet teacher who will teach you about anything you want to know. Teacher is just like your parents but they're your parents in school. 

Now let's talk about our problems in school. First of all I know you guys hate homeworks. And the problem is most of students,doesn't do their homeworks. Based on research,some of the students lazy to do their homeworks and some others said that homeworks doesn't important. I think some homeworks DID important because by homeworks we can exercise. But some homeworks can be useless. 

I think our education need to be updated. Because if we want our country to be a advanced country,we need to improved it. The teachers MUST understand the students. That's how to make our country to be advanced country.