Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adventure to Kampung Naga

On 10th May 2016,me and my social class went to Kampung Naga. Why does it calls Kampung Naga? Someone told me it because the way we need to take before arrive to Kampung Naga is like a dragon. It has so many stairs to go down there. Not a straight stairs,it's just like a dragon. It comes slippery when you come at a rainy day.

Kampung Naga is  located in the area of Neglasari Village, Salawu District, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia.

Kampung Naga is a village which is inhabited by a community in a very strong tradition of holding the remainder ancestors. The differences are visible when compared with other communities outside Kampung Naga. The community are living in the framework of an atmosphere in a traditional simplicity and environmental wisdom.

Kampung Naga is located not far from the main road that connects with the city of Garut Tasikmalaya. Villages are located in a fertile valley, with the boundaries, in the West Village by Naga forest. The forest is sacred because it is located in the ancestral cemetery. In the south is the rice fields, and in the north and east are surrounded by river Ciwulan, which the source of water comes from Mount Cikuray in Garut. The distance from the town of Tasikmalaya to Kampung Naga is approximately 30 kilometers, while the distance from the city of Garut is 26 kilometers. To reach Kampung Naga from Garut, Tasikmalaya, people must climb down the ladder in the wall (Sunda: sengked) to the bank of the river Ciwulan with the slope about 45 degrees with a distance of approximately 500 meters. Then through the paths into Kampung Naga. The settlement is easier to visit than the most ancient Sundanese village in Baduy.

Begore we arrived at Kampung Naga,we went to Candi Cangkuang. We arrived at Candi Cangkuang at about 09.30 AM. Before seeing the Candi Cangkuang,we need to take a "rakit" because Candi Cangkuang is located in the middle of a lake. The tour guide told not to say a word. The word is "kalong" . When my friend ask him why we can't say that word in that place,he said he don't know anything and he said if you said that a big huricane will come. 

After arrived at Candi Cangkuang,we were welcomed by the tour guide in Candi Cangkuang. He told us before we arrived,we saw 7 houses and 1 mosque. And that means that 7 houses are for Arief Muhammad's daughters and 1 mosque are for Arief Muhammad's son.

Arief Muhammad is a man who teach about Muslim in that place. And Candi Cangkuang is an aculturation from Hindu's. 

After Candi Cangkuang,we went eat. After eat,we went to Kampung Naga. In Kampung Naga,we were welcomed by the real people of Kampung Naga. After that we came back to Bandung.

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